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Lighter-Inspired Playing Card Case - Air Deck Edition

Lighter-Inspired Playing Card Case - Air Deck Edition

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A 3d printed playing card case with airbrushed inlay designed by a cardist to increase the longevity of your favorite cards.

Adapted from our regular sized card case to fit the more travel-friendly sized Air Deck.

Want to make the case a bit more personal? Check out our Custom Emblem Air Deck Cases.

Key Features

- Case designed to prevent clipping during opening and closing of lid via slight taper towards the lid opening.

Size & Weight

- Weight : 1.34 oz
- Dimensions : 1 1/2in x 3 9/16in x 1 in (3.8cm x 9.1cm x 2.5cm)

**For Reference**
-air deck playing card box dimensions : 1 5/16in x 3 9/16in x 3/4in (6.6 cm x 9cm x 1.9cm)

Care Instructions

This is a 3d printed product - this means that the item may be subject to warping under prolonged exposure to high heat. Please do not leave your 3d printed products in hot cars, under the sun, etc. for prolonged periods of time.

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