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Custom Modular Pop Up Credit Card Wallet

Custom Modular Pop Up Credit Card Wallet

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Tired of one tone wallets that don't match your style or personality? Add a bit of flair to our modular pop up credit card wallets with your own design.

Add a note to your item before adding it to the cart describing what you'd like inlayed only to your wallet. Inlays can be placed on the label and/or the tray pieces. Please include as much detail about the design as possible (i.e. if choosing lettering such as monograms or names, please include which style of or specific fonts) as well as what color(s) you'd like the inlay to be.

Designs are limited to the capabilities of 3d printing - this mean solid colors and simple shapes. If you are unsure of the feasibility of your design, feel free to reach out to us to discuss possibilities.

Just looking to swap our your label or tray to something new? Order a custom piece instead.

Key Features

-The frame compartment/main chamber can fit up to 5-6 standard credit cards (depending on if they are embossed or not). A 3d printed card is provided to act as a spacer if you need to fill space, however the wallet is designed to keep the cards secured even if it is not fully packed.
-The tray compartment/back pocket can fit up to 5 more cards (again, does not have to be filled to be secured) or up to 8 bills (folded up twice)
-All the pieces fit snuggly and are held in place with a single 3m screw that can be unscrewed so you can swap pieces out at will.

Size & Weight

Length: 64mm/~2.5in
Height: 113 mm/~4.4in
Width: 17mm/~.7in
Weight: 49g/~1.7oz

Care Instructions

This is a 3d printed product - this means that the item may be subject to warping under prolonged exposure to high heat. Please do not leave your 3d printed products in hot cars, under the sun, etc. for prolonged periods of time.

Number of Inlay Colors
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