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Custom Inlayed Balisong Trainer

Custom Inlayed Balisong Trainer

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Want to personalize our popular 3d printed balisong trainer that's designed by a flipper, for flippers? Choose to add an inlay into the base of the blade or onto the handles.

Add a note to your item before adding it to the cart describing what you'd like inlayed into your custom trainer. Please include as much detail about the design as possible (i.e. if choosing lettering such as monograms or names, please include which style of or specific fonts) as well as what color you'd like the inlay to be.

Designs are limited to the capabilities of 3d printing - this mean solid colors and simple shapes. If you are unsure of the feasibility of your design, feel free to reach out to us to discuss possibilities.

Looking to spice up just part of a current trainer? Check out our replacement parts to order a custom part.

Key Features

The blade:
- Asymmetric so you can tell which side represents the safe edge and which side represents the bite edge

The handles:
- Channel style so you don't have to worry about moving parts like a sandwich style knife
- Solid construction (no holes) for structural stability
- Chamfered edges, so rolling a handle between the fingers feels fairly uniform (as opposed to a strict square shape)
- Rubber bands on ends to soften/mute handles when opening - space for you to add more if you desire

The tang:
- Rounded so the handles are less likely to clip your fingers as you perform moves

The overall knife:
- Light (2.2 oz, ~65g) with slight handle bias (handles are slightly heavier than the blade), so handling feels just like a real knife
- Zen-style build with a thick tang, so the knife has a longer lifespan compared to a traditional tang-pin style knife

Pieces are attached with standard M4 x 20mm bolts and nuts, secured by blue loctite so they won't vibrate or break off during play.

Size & Weight

Blade: 140mm/5.5in from tang to tip
Handles: 148mm/5.8in length, 15mm/.6in width
Weight: 2.2 oz, ~65g

Care Instructions

This is a 3d printed product - this means that the item may be subject to warping under prolonged exposure to high heat. Please do not leave your 3d printed products in hot cars, under the sun, etc. for prolonged periods of time.

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