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Custom Emblem Playing Card Case - Air Deck Edition

Custom Emblem Playing Card Case - Air Deck Edition

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On-the-go meets just-for-me - customize our air deck sized lighter-inspired playing card case to your desires. Half the width of a standard deck of playing cards (and 1 mm shorter), this case was designed as a more durable way to house your cards compared to the box that air decks come in.

Add a note to your item before adding it to the cart describing what you'd like inlayed into your custom part. Please include as much detail about the design as possible (i.e. if choosing lettering such as monograms or names, please include which style of or specific fonts).

Designs are limited to the capabilities of 3d printing - this mean solid colors and simple shapes. If you are unsure of the feasibility of your design, feel free to reach out to us to discuss possibilities.

Key Features

- Case designed to prevent clipping during opening and closing of lid via slight taper towards the lid opening.

Size & Weight

- Weight : 1.34 oz
- Dimensions : 1 1/2in x 3 9/16in x 1 in (3.8cm x 9.1cm x 2.5cm)

**For Reference**
-air deck playing card box dimensions : 1 5/16in x 3 9/16in x 3/4in (6.6 cm x 9cm x 1.9cm)

Care Instructions

This is a 3d printed product - this means that the item may be subject to warping under prolonged exposure to high heat. Please do not leave your 3d printed products in hot cars, under the sun, etc. for prolonged periods of time.

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